About jfeist

Jonathan Feist is editor in chief of Berklee Press, where he has helped bring over 150 commercial music products to a worldwide market since 1998. He is the author and instructor of two Berkleemusic courses: Project Management for Musicians (2012) and Music Notation with Finale (2002). He is also the co-author of two books: Essential Songwriter (Berklee Press, 2004) and the Berklee Practice Method Teacher's Guide (Berklee Press, 2004). Jonathan is a composer and songwriter, and most recently released Fantasy Monologue (2010), an album which he served as songwriter and lead vocalist. He holds a bachelor's and master's degree in composition from New England Conservatory of Music.

Live Workshop on the Berklee Campus

Had a great time presenting a live workshop in project management for musicians today, at Berklee, sponsored by the Berklee Music Business Club and the Berklee Music Marketing Club. Good turnout, smart attendees doing interesting projects, and they stayed after the pizza was gone, so I’m encouraged. More live workshops like this are in the works; next up, VocaliseU!

Project Management Workshop Poster

New “Free Downloads”

A new “Free Downloads” page has just hatched, with the first freebie: a template for creating project scope statements. I’ll write an explanation soon, about what this is and how to use it. But the short story is, it’s a place to park your decisions about what your project is all about. When you want to be “on the same page,” this is the page where you want to be.

New site!

This new site is where I’ll park information about project management, specifically designed to help musicians. To start, there are links to my Berklee online course and my upcoming book, both called Project Management for Musicians. Soon, I’ll add some free samples and other materials here that you will find useful. I’ve also got plans for some recommended resources.

I hope you find it useful!