Free Downloads

Project Scope Statement Template. Customize this to your own needs, and keep it up to date throughout your project’s lifecycle. Keep it to just two three pages or so. If it gets longer, consider referencing attachments instead, so that it stays a light and convenient reference.

CD Work Breakdown Structure. This is a document that I produced during the live VocalizeU workshop in Nashville, October 2013. I added a page to it showing the WBS transformed into a status tracker/checklist, which is one of its many uses. A classic project management document. This one isn’t complete, but that’s typical; the idea is that you “elaborate” various dimensions of it as you need to control them. When you get to rehearsals, for example, you might realize that getting snacks are part of the work, as is getting a room. But this document will give you the basic idea of how it could look, and many of the components you’ll need to think about.

Project List Template. List all your projects in a chart like this. Look at it every day.


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