Spectacular PMM Book Review!

I’m thrilled to have this review of my book on one of my favorite project management websites, “A Girl’s Guide to Project Management.” (Don’t look at me like that, the site is run by a “girl,” but it’s good advice intended for everyone, over there.)

Girl's Guide to Project Management

Calling all students….

Berklee’s added a new Facebook/feedback feature to our online courses! If you’ve taken either of mine and have something nice to say, positive feedback up there would be a great help!

PMM: http://online.berklee.edu/courses/project-management-for-musicians?program=music_business

Finale: http://online.berklee.edu/courses/music-notation-using-finale

Thank you! (Okay, okay, you can add feedback there for other courses too, but ONLY if you like them….)