Some kind words about Project Management for Musicians:

“Yes, you read that right. It’s a whole book about project management aimed specifically at people in the music business.

“And it’s very good.

‘What we can claim to have accomplished is based on what we finish, not on what we start,” writes Jonathan Feist. “Setting projects in motion is relatively easy. Completing them is far more difficult. It is our history of completed projects that defines us professionally, though, not our history of started projects… we don’t get partial credit for works in progress.’

“It’s all written in that pragmatic, conversational tone. The book covers everything you’d ever want to know about project management in a very practical way, but all the case studies and examples used are relevant to the music world. When Feist is setting projects in context he uses the example of setting up a teaching studio or making an album.


“While it is aimed at musicians, it is a good solid project management book that covers a whole lot of ground and is written in a very accessible style. I enjoyed it.”

Elizabeth Harrin, Author, Blogger (A Girl’s Guide to Project Management), Director of the Otobos Group. Full review here.

“Setting up a process for achieving your goals, this book will help you clarify your vision and understand the work required to complete it on time, within budget, and to your highest possible quality standard. Feist shows how to develop work strategies, delegate tasks, build and manage teams, organize your project office, develop production schedules, understand and organize contracts, analyze risk, and much more.”

—Music Connection Magazine

“This excellent and accessible compilation of strategies combines modern technology and project management practices with a deep understanding of the music industry. Whether you are more enthused by the creative dimensions of your work or the logistical ones, Project Management for Musicians will help you become more successful.”

Brent Frei, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of Smartsheet

“Project management is undoubtedly the backbone of success. The diversity of tools here will not only help you to plan ahead; they will truly trace the path and change the way you see things in order to complete your goals.” 

Ariel Rivas, Grammy-Award Winning Producer, World Tour Manager, and Booking Agent (Rubén Blades, Don Omar, Danny Rivera)

“If you’ve ever thought that the music is the easy part and it’s everything else that’s hard, then this is for you. Project Management for Musicians will give you common sense tools to organize your thinking, planning, and management of all those other things besides the music that are so critical to your success in the music business.”

Alan Sierichs, Former Commander/Conductor of the Air Force Band, Washington, DC

“Jonathan Feist is one of the most effective project managers I’ve had the opportunity to work with. The depth and breath of tools in his new book have the power to transform any musician’s project management skills, which will lead directly to completing visions, rather than just dreaming about them.”

Stephen Webber, Berklee Professor, Author, and Composer

If I had the knowledge of what I learned in this class when I was starting off in music, it would have saved a lot of time, money, and unnecessary setbacks. Now, I’m more structured and organized, and I understand how to plan well so I can avoid damage control later on. Jonathan’s sense of humor and wit made the course a pleasure and every week fresh.”

Jeremy Sicotte, Producer, Vocalist, Guitarist (From Jupiter, the Mandala Virus)

“The tools taught in this course continue to produce dividends for daily work and big projects alike; they’ve now become integral to the way I organize and complete music projects of all sizes. This class should be a requirement for any music business certificate!”

Nate Scott, Vocal Producer/Mix Engineer, NYC

Also, there are some good reviews on Amazon! Never enough! Please add yours!


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